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You can join the Twinning Association by completing the form below and sending it to us on-line. We will acknowlede receipt of your application by e-mail. The Annual Subscription is 5.00 per individual or 10.00 for a family. The subscription can be paid using Internet Banking direct to our bank account - Sort Code: 51-61-09, Account No: 04103017, Account: Alresford Twinning Association. Alternatively you can print the Standing Order Authority, complete it and send it to your bank or set up a Standing Order with your bank over the Internet. If all else fails you can print the application form and send it with a cheque to Alresford Twinning Association, 2 Dover Close, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9PG.

Alresford Twinning Association

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Individual Membership - 5.00 per annum

Family Membership - 10.00 per annum

We welcome all new members, just as members, but if you feel you can offer additional help please let us know by completing the box below.

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